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How to Make Your Twitter Account Stand Out

The world of social media has really advanced. With billions of people using Twitter, it has become a very lucrative platform for brands and businesses to promote themselves. Leverage Twitter can prove to be very beneficial for your publicity.

With the same effort, we put to avoid penalties for not filing T1135 voluntary disclosure; we should make sure we put the same effort to have our accounts stand out in twitter. Here are some of the tips to make your account stand out:


  • Build Trust by Being Consistent


You need to commit to a regular presence on your twitter account if you want to build trust among your followers. Using Twitter doesn’t even need to take up much of your time, all you have to do is pre-write your tweets using tweet scheduling tools and set your tweets to be sent in spaced out times throughout the day.

As you continue to grow, you will become more active and increase your frequency. By being consistent at creating content tweets you will be able to provide much more value beyond your product or brand. You will be able to be active in a broader space.


  • Promote Others


When it comes to Twitter, to get noticed you need to notice others. If you retweet other people tweets, they will also start to retweet some of your own. However, you need to be honest and sincere when you are retweeting other people’s stuff.

Make sure you find brands and people within your niche and retweet thoughtfully if you feel that their information will be valuable for your followers. Add a comment section to personalize the retweets and show them that you are engaged with their content.


  • Focus on Your Niche


You don’t want to be left faceless in your space because of retweeting everything without considering the relevance to your brand. If you ‘re going to stand out, retweet only about the topics that are interconnected with your brand and products. This will show that tough know your space and you have a voice.


  • Speed


Twitter has a speed paced nature that makes it the best platform for finding support channels. It is therefore essential for you to reply tweets you receive in the shortest time possible. Make sure you have a time window of less than an hour to initiate your responses.

Share and collaborate your work with your followers online to manage your time well. By providing fast customer service, you will make your customers happy and gain great praise.


  • Creative Tweets


Before you tweet carefully consider the wording of your tweets. Avoid tinkering for hours. Retweeting something that is entirely different than your usual headline posts or posts that everyone is tweeting about will make you stand out.

You can try rewriting the post headlines and add your thoughts just next to them. You can also find a quote from past posts you enjoyed and use them as your headline for your tweet. This will spice up your tweets and show your customers or followers that you are involved with what you tweet about.

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