Donald Trump

Donald Trump Condoms Making A Huge Buzz In Us Market

Marketing and selling of products under the name of celebrities or political leaders and also putting their faces in products packaging is very effective idea to create a buzz in public. In this way several companies are selling their consumer products and earning a huge profit.

Donald Trump Has Always Been A Controversial Political Figure

Donald Trump condoms have created a huge noise in US market in recent year. Donald trump is a political leader and public speaker in USA. But his name is always associated with several political controversies and many bizarre statements that he made in many social occasions. People of United States have different opinion regarding him. Some people passionately follow his ideas and statements but for some others he is simply intolerable. During his campaign Donald Trump did a harsh attack on Mexican immigrants, criticized Chinese people and made personal attacks on several women. But he is one of the potential candidates for the upcoming presidential elections of USA. For further details logon to

This controversial front runner has become the subject of a leading condom brand. A condom featuring his name and his tagline “I’m huuuge!” is creating a good effect in US market. Homewares brand Fish’s Eddy had given their hands with and created this amazing product. This product has got a huge response from public and it is one of the most selling products in USA. Its tagline easily catches the eyes of customers. The price of this product is also very reasonable. One can purchase this product under $3. This condom is made up with top quality latex and it is approved by FDA. This condom is very fruitful to prevent various deadly sexual transmitted diseases and with this condom chances to become pregnant is very less. In 98% of cases, this product has discarded unwanted pregnancy. This product is made to educate people about safe sex and what a person should do when they are intimating with their partner. In this way this product is generating mass awareness among the people of USA.

Donald Trump Condoms has already entered as one of the interesting products in USA. As long as Donald Trump and his statements regarding the battle of President’s election will go on, this product will surely stay on top of the market among consumers.